Does your body have the required strength according to your age?

Follow these easy steps~ and find out

Step 1 Stand barefoot with crossed arms over the chest and
raise other foot in such a way that it should not touch
the ankle of the dominant leg.
Step 2

Hold this position and note the time.

Your time stops when you uncross your arms or
move either of your leg. Please take precautions while doing the test to avoid any injury/fall.
~ Springer et al. Normative values for the unipedal stance test with eyes open and closed. Journal of geriatric physical therapy. 2007 Apr 1;30(1):8-15.
  • The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
  • Every effort has been made to present the most accurate, up-to-date information, but because of the dynamics of the challenge, individual results may vary from person to person (pls confirm if this applies)
  • To reduce risks pertaining to injury while taking the challenge, please ensure you take utmost care and requisite safety precautions. If at any point during the challenge, you feel faint, dizzy or have physical discomfort, please stop immediately and consult a medical professional.
Step 3 Fill in the details to check your score


Eat a balanced diet that is rich in protein and other vital nutrients.


Include physical activities like climbing stairs, cycling, dance, sits- up,push ups, squats etc

1   Strength – Refers to muscle strength.

2   Volpi E, Nazemi R, Fujita S. Muscle tissue changes with aging. Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care. 2004 Jul;7(4):405. Muscle loss begins from the age of 30 and upto 25% of muscle loss can occur during middle age (30-60)

*Age given here as an indication of muscle strength and postural stability that declines with age, measured here through One leg stand test (OLST)

^ Dickinson et al. Exercise and nutrition to target protein synthesis impairments in aging skeletal muscle. Exercise and sport sciences reviews. 2013 Oct;41(4):216.

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