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We at Protinex belive that #ProteinIsForEveryone and we want to empower Indian families to live fuller and happier lives, through optimal protein nutrition - for every member, at every stage of life

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How Can You Make This Summer Healthy With Flavours!

What comes to your mind, when you think of summer? Beach, vacations, and water! It is the prime time for outdoor sports, family vacations, BBQ’s festivals and long days in the sun. However, while summer has its own fun side, it has a downside too.

Don’t Ignore The Signs That Show Poor Muscle Health

Do you wait for minutes for the lift than climb the stairs to work to avoid all that pain? Do you prefer taking Autorickshaws or Uber for a few minutes’ walk? Do you wait for someone to hand you the remote than getting up and picking it yourself? It is not you, it may be your poor muscle health!


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