Protinex Bytes

Anytime nutrition for your non-stop busy life

A Bite of
Protein, Anytime,

  • Bytes on-the-go
  • Bytes as a snack
  • Bytes at work

60 Years
of Protinex

Protinex is a Credible and Trustworthy brand that has been spreading happiness for more than 60 years.

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  Protinex Bytes
  • 5 Bytes = 1 Glass of Protinex
  • Recommended Dosage – Adults: 5 Diskettes (25g) | Children (4 Years & above): 3 Diskettes (15g)

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Replace your morning tea with 2 scoops of Protinex Tasty Chocolate to get
maximum nutrition and repair your post-workout muscles. Read More Protinex


Protinex Lite with zero added sugar and high protein helps you stay strong mentally and physically.
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Add Protinex in your everyday diet it to meet all the nutritional needs of the body and to enjoy all moments of life without feeling tired.
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