The World of Proteins

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what is Protein?

Proteins are called the building blocks of life. Like Carbohydrates and Fat, Protein is a macronutrient, important for our growth as well as to provide the body with energy.

We all know that proteins are crucial for the building, repair and regular maintenance of our muscles and tissues. But what many don’t know is that they are also helpful for many more functions, from digestion of food to transporting nutrients to different parts of the body.

Since they are so important, we need proteins in large quantities to sustain ourselves.

Unlike carbohydrates and fats, our bodies possess no means to store proteins to use in the case of emergencies. So, a protein rich diet is essential for each and every one of us.


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The Power of Protein

Protein is so important to us that it is crucial for DNA development. It is indispensable to life. It is essential for number of reasons like replenishment of blood, healing of scars, replacement of dead cells, and production of antibodies.

So when the body requires energy, sustains an injury, is feeling fatigued or wants to fight illnesses or simply needs the nutrients to grow, it counts on protein to deliver all this. Simply put, Protein constitutes life.


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Choco Walnut Protinex Smoothie

Reasons You Need Protinex

Protinex  provides  the optimal protein requirement by the body. Daily consumption of Protinex can help with:

  • Repairing body tissues
  • Controlling hunger
  • Quick injury or illness recovery
  • Building immunity and stamina
  • Growth of muscles, bones, skin and blood

These and many more qualities of Protinex are extremely beneficial for the body.So, get your Protinex today!

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