About Protinex

Serving nutrition for more than 60 years and considered the reason behind millions of healthy smiles, Protinex is one of the India’s most prescribed nutritional supplements, and the only unique supplement with the power of Hydrolysed Proteins. It is one of the few nutritional supplements in the market that can be taken on a regular basis by everyone (Not for people allergic to peanuts).It provides complete nutrition and strength; Protinex is fortified with the right amount of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and zero trans fats. Protinex is also easy to digest and is rapidly absorbed by the body due to the power of hydrolysed protein.

Key Features of Protinex

  • Credible and trustworthy brand that has been spreading happiness for more than 60 years.
  • Presence of hydrolyzed proteins which makes absorption and digestion easy.
  • Scientifically formulated drink that caters to the nutritional needs of individuals.
  • Contains Highest* Protein.
  • Perfect product to fill in the protein deficiencies of Indian diet.


*As per the protein content values (declared on pack) for 100g powder of top 5 leading health food drinks/ milk food drinks brands basis Kantar WorldPanel's Household Purchase Panel during the period of Jan'17 to Dec'17 in India



Protinex is a powdered supplement that has to be taken with milk only. As soon as it gets absorbed by your body it releases proteins which aid in the growth and repair of your body, revitalizing it from top to bottom.

Can I get it all from food?

For grown-ups, your body requires 1 gm protein/ kg of your weight per day. For those who engage in vigorous exercise regularly, your body requires 1.2 gm of protein /kg of your weight per day. Which means that someone weighing 80 kg would require 80 gm of proteins every day, and a regular gym goer of the same weight would require 96 gm of proteins every day. This nutritional requirement can only be met with a wholesome diet containing protein rich foods.


The most common question that pops up when we talk about Protinex is “What extra does it offer?” and “How does it help me?” In this section we’ll focus on both these issues and clarify all your doubts regarding the usage and real benefits of Protinex.

Complete vs Incomplete Proteins

When it comes to differentiating Protinex with other supplements in the market, it has always been about making the choice between Complete and Incomplete proteins. Regular use of Protinex not only strengthens you from the core, it also insures you from various health hazards, ensuring that your body runs like a well-oiled engine for years to come. Protinex is the only unique supplement with the power of hydrolysed proteins % provides 50 more protein compared to the other brands present in the market. It comprises of 85% protein with the remaining 15% comprising of fats, minerals and carbohydrates, making this a wholesome drink that caters to all your needs.

Works Hard for You, Super-hard

Making Protinex a part of your daily diet ensures that your body gets the strength, stamina and faster recovery from illness.

  • Aids in the growth and repair of muscles, tissues and organs
  • Easy to digest, even more readily absorbed by the body due to presence of Hydrolysed protein.