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Protinex Junior

Protinex Junior is formulated to fix what's missing in your child’s diet. It serves as a crucial supplement for the nutritional requirement for the child’s all-round growth.

Available Flavours

Product Highlight

  • 100% Veg

    100% Veg

  • Contains 37 Vital Nutrients

    Contains 37 Vital Nutrients

  • High Protein content of 18g per 100g

    High Protein content of 18g per 100g

  • Superior combination of WHEY + SOY + MILK Protein

    Superior combination of WHEY + SOY + MILK Protein

  • With DHA + Iron + Iodine – for Brain Development

    With DHA + Iron + Iodine – for Brain Development

  • ZINC for Better Immunity

    ZINC for Better Immunity


For your child’s all-round development

Protinex Junior is full of the right amount of nutrients needed for your child to build a strong immune system and for him to recover faster and better from illnesses.

This also allows for strong resistance against diseases. Daily intake of Protinex Junior enriched with calcium helps in developing strong bones.

Protinex junior also contains nutrients  which aides in healthy brain development, thus taking care of your child’s growth in an all-round way.

Protinex Junior is available in 2 delicious flavours - Chocolate and Vanilla

Benefits of Protinex Junior:

  • Essential for the physical and mental growth for children
  • Comprised of the superior combination of milk, soya and whey protein for physical growth
  • Has DHA + Iron + Iodine for brain development
  • Builds better immunity


Protinex Junior is composed of all the vital nutrients children need to build a strong immune system, to grow healthier bones and muscles, and to keep them alert and active physically and mentally. It includes:

  • Protein – Essential for physical development
  • DHA – For healthy brain development
  • Zinc – Enhances immunity
  • Energy – To keep the child active
  • Minerals & Other Nutrients – They ensure and overall good health


We recommend 2 glasses of Protinex Junior, one at breakfast and the other at bedtime

How to Use

To make a delicious beverage with Protinex Junior:

  • Take a mug of lukewarm milk (200ml)
  • Add 4-5 heaped spoons(45g) of Protinex Junior
  • Add sugar, if needed, and stir


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