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When people find themselves unable to conduct daily physical activities with ease or feel lethargic at abnormal intervals, they are dismayed. Unable to come to an apt conclusion, they blame it on their age and sedentary lifestyle. Can you relate to this too? Can’t match the energy levels of your kids in family activities? The thought of meeting friends after work seems tiring? It's not your age, it’s your declining muscle health.

Reasons for poor muscle health

  • Lack of protein

    Insufficient protein in your diet reduces lean body mass, muscle strength, and function.

  • Unwholesome diet

    Consuming a diet that is not rich in nutrients can weaken your muscles and slow you down.

  • No physical activity

    A sedentary lifestyle can cause more damage than it seems to, in turn affecting muscle health.


#DontMissOut on life anymore

Protinex helps build your muscle health by repairing your tissues and providing the right nutritional value up and above your daily diet for the efficient functioning of your body.

A Sensitization Initiative for muscle health

We at ProtineX have taken an initiative to sensitize “1 lac working professionals by 2019 by checking their muscle health score and educating them on the importance of protein to lead an active life.

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