Muscle Health a Concern In India

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What is muscle weakness?

When minimal body movement leads to muscle pain and soreness, it’s an acute sign of muscle weakness. In some cases, muscle weakness could also be a result of having insufficient nutrients in our diets. Ageing also causes loss of muscle mass. Physically inactive people can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30.


A few symptoms of muscle weakness are having body weakness with reduced immunity levels and also muscle pain after a physical activity. This usually comes along with chronic headaches, swelling of feet and fatigue primarily.

What makes it a matter of concern?

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Nutrition deficiency in diets

Majority of the Indian diets lack essential nutrients required by our body. Be it a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, any kind of meal usually falls short of the nutrients we need to stay active and running.


Lack of knowledge

Most Indians are unaware about the protein requirement in our daily diet. People tend to believe fruits and leafy vegetables are the main sources of protein and that those will suffice in meeting protein requirements, which is not true. Hence, lack of knowledge on the protein rich foods causes our diets to be largely protein deficient.


Myth about protein

A common myth among Indians is that protein is important only for athletes, weight lifters, body builders or sportsmen. This is a myth which needs to be addressed. The fact is that protein is required by everyone.


Food Habits

In today’s day and age, people tend to rely on ready-to-eat/cook foods on a regular basis. This type of food is usually loaded with harmful ratios of fat and sugar, to make it palatable to our taste buds. Moreover, it lacks protein which is essential to consume on a daily basis.

Why is Muscle Health important?

With each decade after age 30, we lose muscle mass. The problem is that losing muscle makes one physically weaker and less functional, making it more difficult to do any activity.


The importance of muscles can’t be ignored at any cost. Healthy muscles enable easy movement, keep the body strong, protect the bones and joints and lead to reduced strain and spasms. As we age, this becomes all the more important as good muscle health leads to overall better health and helps towards living an active lifestyle.


The best way to fuel our muscles is consumption of adequate protein. While it is evident that our diets lack the level protein we need, supplementing it with Protinex is a good approach. So start your day with Protinex and feel the difference.

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