How Can You Make This Summer Healthy With Flavours!


What comes to your mind, when you think of summer? Beach, vacations, and water! It is the prime time for outdoor sports, family vacations, BBQ’s festivals and long days in the sun. However, while summer has its own fun side, it has a downside too.


During summer the sun is shining bright and so is the temperature touching the skies. The intense heat can make you lethargic and tiresome. If you’ve ever wondered why it sometimes feels extremely hot humidity is to be blamed for! That steamy feeling that washes over when you step outside is caused by humidity in the air.


Heat has a major effect on the human body and you need to understand how your body responds to high temperatures. The intense rays of the sun soak up the fluids in your body, and along with them the vital nutrients you need. As a result, you start feeling thirsty, tired and lethargic during this weather. Consequentially, your body reacts to rising temperature by releasing sweat from your skin. A lot of water and electrolytes gets depleted with sweating. One common practice to keep the water levels of the body intact is to hydrate at regular intervals to keep your body cool.


Are you retaining what you lost?


While hydrating can cool your body down, what about the vital nutrients and electrolytes that you have lost along with the sweat? Your body needs an additional supplement that will make up for all the vitamins and minerals that have been lost due to dehydration. So what do you consume other than water to gain back the lost electrolytes?


Presenting your savior – Protinex! Protinex has added nutritional benefits to replenish your body’s nutrients, electrolytes, and protein needs. Not only does it add nutritional value to the body, but also nourishes and helps to maintain the body’s daily protein intake which is up and above the water you drink and the food you consume.


The best part? Your favourite protein partner is not just any other bland protein shake – Protinex comes  in 3 exciting flavours – Tasty Chocolate, Vanilla, and Mango. You can consume this tasty protein with milk to provide nutrients which your body needs on a regular basis. Not only that, you can make a whole list of protein-rich delicacies with Protinex flavours. You can do a lot with the protinex flavours, you can include it in different healthy protein-rich recipes, protein smoothies and every possibility you can think of!


Protinex is the perfect partner for your busy life so that you never miss out on your daily dose of protein goodness. It is enriched with nutrients which will help you in the growth of muscles, tissues, and organs. Additionally, it also helps to heal wounds faster and aids to quicker recovery from illness. Isn’t it great to have it all in one? Want a quick breakfast in the morning? Whip up a delicious smoothie with your favourite flavor – vanilla, mango, or chocolate. Craving some meetha, which is healthy and tasty? Enjoy your favourite dessert with these protinex flavours, we are sure once you try it, there’s no turning back. Isn’t it amazing to consume protein that too without compromising on your taste? You can definitely please your taste buds with these delightful flavours. You can indulge on your daily dose of protein with a glass of lukewarm or cold milk with adding 2-3 heap spoons of your favourite Protinex flavour.


Want to get hands on one? Head on to to grab your daily dose of protein goodness and remember to #MakeItAHabit!