5 Easy Resolutions To Lead A Healthy & Happy Lifestyle!

New Year brings along a lot of hope and positivity apart from joy. Every time the start of the year is around the corner, people believe that everything that they missed out on in the past year can be made up for in the coming year. This is why they make New Year resolutions like joining the gym to lose the extra pounds, eat healthy, stop smoking, etc. However, most people end up missing out on their resolutions after a few days. This mainly happens because the goals they set are either too vague or too distant. Achieving success is never about taking the big leap. It always comes through with small steps that you take toward achieving that one big goal.

Most people’s New Year resolutions are directed towards fitness. However, fitness is never about just losing weight or getting glowing skin. It is always a bunch of little things that add up to your overall wellness. This year, how about we try to achieve the wellness goal, one step at a time? Here are some very specific New Year resolutions you can make to help you achieve overall wellness.

1. Walk More

Most jobs these days directly or indirectly revolve around a sedentary lifestyle. You spend hours sitting at your desk every day staring at screens. While this may seem harmless, it leads to stiffness of muscle health and thereby making movement difficult and strenuous. As you age, you need to take smaller steps to help you to live a healthier life and nurture your loved ones as well. No matter how hectic your schedule, resolve to take some time out for a walk! For example, walk that extra mile instead of travelling by cab, take the stairs and ditch the elevator. These small steps will go a long way in keeping you healthy. 

2. Spend More Time With Your Family

A lot of studies have shown that spending time with those who matter boosts your mental health and your physical health too. This is why basic essentials like having meals together, spending Sundays together, etc. are an integral part of a lot of cultures. After a tiring day at work, or after completing household chores there’s nothing better than sitting down and spending some quality time with your family. Resolve to make as much time as you can for those who are important to you and watch your life change for the better.

3. Stay Mentally Healthy

Not many people realize this, but mental health is just as important as physical health. Taking little steps of self-care and practicing the art of meditation can help a lot more than you can imagine. Not only will it soothe your soul and keep you calm, but it will also help release positive hormones, which in turn will keep you physically healthy. This year, resolve to indulge in self-care and boost your mental health too. 

4. Make Sure You Get Complete Nutrition

Did you know your body requires a certain amount of protein every day to lead an active and healthy life? This amount varies depending upon your ideal body weight and age. While the food you consume on a daily basis might contain protein but usually it is not in the required amount. Also it is important to have all nutrients as recommended for achieving wholesome nutrition. Presenting Protinex Original, your partner in proper nutrition, which is the only supplement with hydrolyzed protein science for faster absorption. It has superior nutrition benefits and not only is low in fat but also other nutrients that helps maintain lean body mass, it also aids in faster recovery from illnesses. With Protinex by your side, you can live life your way and cater to every schedule without having to worry about your body’s nutritional needs. Just grab 2-3 heaped tablespoons of Protinex in milk and consume it twice a day. Want to know how much your ideal protein intake should be? Calculate protein intake now at

5. Go To Bed Earlier

A proper 8-hour sleep is the most crucial for the efficient functioning of the mind and the body. Both your mind and your muscles need time to relax in order to function smoothly the next day. This year, resolve to sleep well and wake up fresh every single day.

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